Get Active with DW Sports

DW Sports Fitness is encouraging its local communities to Get Active.


DW Sports Fitness run a chain of gyms across the UK and has chosen to brand mobile vehicles in each area to promote tempting membership offers.


Many gym users work hard before their summer holidays to achieve that perfect beach body but lose motivation to pick up their workout regime after their holidays. DW Sports Fitness has motivation of a different kind, and is offering an exclusive deal of 6 weeks gym membership for £40.00, including one complimentary hour with a personal trainer.


Advan advertising is an eye catching method of outdoor advertising which unlike press, radio and television has no limitations or the risk of viewers ‘turning off’ or ‘closing down’ your advertising message, making Advans unavoidable.


Advans are a unique mobile advertising tool allowing you to present your moving billboard to audiences in the postcode areas required. Although a national campaign, each DW Sports Fitness Advan advertised a location relevant message publicising the address of the nearest gym and the offer available to the public in that area.


The mobile vehicles were combined with high footfall and high traffic areas during rush hour periods to increase the opportunity to see the advertising message.