Promo Bikes & Ad Bikes

Advertising on Adbikes and Promo Bikes is a unique way to attract attention from audiences and get your brand recognised. Adbikes act as a mobile billboard – enabling you to take your message directly to the customer.


Flexible and mobile, Advans can be parked, pedalled and pushed into key positions to ensure they are constantly targeting areas of high footfall and exposing your brand to the whole of your targeted area.


Adbikes are a true ‘in your face’ advertising format that are perfect for a whole variety of marketing activities. Whether at store openings or sports events, used to highlight product launches or product sampling, or simply used as part of your promotional campaign, Adbikes will ensure your brand gets noticed.


Optional extras include the opportunity to brief our riders about your brand, or you can combine your Adbike campaign with flyers and leaflets to create an even stronger connection with your customers.


Take a look at our Advan gallery for examples of previous Promo Bikes and Adbike campaigns.


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