Full Wrap Van Advertising

Create maximum impact and use the creative space of an Advan to its potential by using full wrap advertising.


Brand the whole of the vehicle to create a high-impact campaign that is bound to be noticed. This method of trailer advertising includes covering the whole of the vehicle with your design, from the front of the van, across all sides of the billboard body, and including the rear.


Create a head-turning campaign and drive your brand to the heart of your target area – reaching key consumers both on the road and in key locations.


Fully wrapped Advans give you a billboard that has the opportunity to be both mobile and stationery, and are perfect for illuminating your message throughout the whole of your chosen area.


Full wrap Advans are perfect for promoting your brand at store openings, exhibitions and events, or for advertising special offers, sales and promotions.


You can also support your strategy with the use of backlit Advan advertising.


For more information on full wrap Advans and how they can benefit your campaign, call us directly on 0203 627 5683 or use the contact form to receive a quote specific to your brief.