Backlit Billboards

Backlit billboards from Advan is a new and effective mobile advertising format to really make your campaign stand out.


Consisting of a double-sided 48 sheet billboard, the Advan is illuminated using strip lighting to create a high-impact advert that will ensure your campaign gets noticed.


Whether used for product launches, promotional offers or any other marketing goal, backlit trailer advertising means your campaign can run in any location at any time of the day and will still be seen by key, influential audiences.


Operating as mobile billboards, backlit Advan campaigns create huge reach for your brand and are able to be driven through, or positioned at your key target area.


Take a look at our Advan gallery for examples of previous backlit billboards and other campaigns.


For more information on using backlit Advans for your campaign, contact us on 0203 627 5683 for a no obligation quote, or use the contact form to send us your query.