Ad Van Advertising Highlights Thousands of Pounds Available to Kirkby Residents

Canter Levin & Berg solicitors have used a traditional Ad Van Advertising to raise awareness of the thousands of pounds that may be on offer to residents in Kirkby who have recently bought a council house.


The targeted Ad Van advertising campaign focuses on Kirkby in Merseyside; appealing to residents with a direct advert asking: “Have you bought a Council House in Kirkby?”


Explaining that this may entitle people to be “able to claim thousands”, the campaign combines a striking message with the high impact format of an Advan to ensure a real head-turner. With a contact number clearly displayed, residents, pedestrians and road users all have the opportunity to absorb the message and contact Canter Levin & Berg for more information.


Advans have dual-use, in being able to act as both a static and mobile advertising format. Perfect for a short term and topical campaign such as this, Advans project a campaign throughout a desired area, offering fantastic reach and impressive results.


The only way to reach a large and constantly moving urban audience is with a unique, effective and high frequency outdoor advertising campaign.

Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors - Ad Van Advertising