Aylesbury Council advises its district with Advan.co.uk

Aylesbury Council have launched an Advan marketing campaign with Advan.co.uk, encouraging residents to ensure they are on the electoral register.


A promotional Advan targeted the Aylesbury council region, informing onlookers that registering to vote is “about more than just voting”, as it can risk the chances of securing a mortgage, loan, phone contract or even a new job. Call to action is prompted with the phrase “respond now!”, followed by phone, text and online contact details.


Advan advertising allows brands to gain maximum exposure within a controlled time period, with the ability to access entire regions and also target hard-to-reach public spaces. Applicable to all Aylesbury residents, this electoral register message will benefit from the high-frequency coverage that comes with a mobile Advan.


A spokesperson from Aylesbury Vale District Council said:

“We are really pleased with how the advan has gone and definitely had an influx of calls on the Thursday with people mentioning that they had spotted the van, which was really positive. We would definitely consider using you again for future projects.”